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Gainesville Thyroid Center provides patients with non-invasive neck scans to help them beat thyroid cancer and recover from surgery

There are approximately 34,000 diagnosed cases of thyroid cancer in the U.S. every year. Almost three-quarters of these patients are women, making thyroid cancer the seventh most commonly diagnosed female illness.

Anyone is at risk for thyroid cancer, especially women between 25 and 65 years old and those with a family history of thyroid disease or an enlarged thyroid. Possible symptoms of thyroid cancer include:

•  A lump in the neck

•  Difficulty breathing

•  Difficulty swallowing

•  Hoarseness

The good news for patients with thyroid cancer is that painless, non-invasive, and highly effective ultrasound technology is being implemented both pre- and post- surgery to increase the success rate of the operation and rid the body of cancerous tissue.

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Pre-Operative Ultrasounds

Doctors use ultrasound technology frequently to monitor the condition of the thyroid gland and check for signs that the cancer has spread before surgery. This kind of treatment is called a pre-operative ultrasound, and works by emitting sound waves that give physicians real-time images of their patient's lymph nodes.

Enlarged lymph nodes are telltale signs of thyroid cancer, and neck ultrasound scans detect exactly where abnormal growth is occurring - doctors can then remove the node and run a biopsy to see if it contains malignant or benign cancerous tissue.

If a biopsy comes back positive for malignant cancer, pre-operative ultrasound treatment can also be used to observe how, or if, the infected area has spread. The success rate of thyroid cancer surgery dramatically increases with a pre-op ultrasound, because doctors are able to identify all of the cancerous tissue that needs to be removed. In fact, studies have found that 99.7% of patients who have a pre-operative neck scan get rid of their thyroid cancer for good .

Post-Operative Ultrasounds

After a patient has undergone surgery and a doctor has removed their thyroid (or the cancerous tissue in the thyroid), neck ultrasounds are essential in observing the healing process and checking for signs of recurring cancer. Although the odds of cancer returning are small if you had a pre-op scan, post-op neck scans remain an important step in watching for unusual lymph node growth.

Neck Ultrasounds at Accent

Gainesville endocrinology physicians at AccentMD specialize in both pre- and post-operative neck ultrasounds, providing our patients with the most experienced and knowledgeable team of endocrinologists in all of North Florida.

Schedule an appointment for a neck ultrasound today if you have even the slightest indication of symptoms we discussed above .

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