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North Florida's premier treatment facility specializing in hormonal disorders and endocrine diseases offers Thyrogen injections for long-term management of thyroid cancer

The good news for patients diagnosed with thyroid cancer is that the disease is treatable. But it is also important to understand that long-term care and management is necessary to prevent cancer from returning in the future.

Thyroid cancer patients undergo therapy once a year. To prepare for these tests, they must go off their thyroid hormone replacement therapy, which causes temporary hypothyroidism.

For some, hypothyroidism has little effect on their health and wellbeing, but for others the hormonal imbalance can cause more significant symptoms. Patients who fall in the latter group should consider Thyrogen.

How Can Thyrogen Injections at Accent Endocrinology Help You?

Thyrogen is a treatment option for patients who have been diagnosed with thyroid cancer, and had part of or their entire gland removed. Even if a patient receives a total thyroidectomy, small fragments of the gland will remain in the body—fragments that could hold cancerous tissue which may trigger a relapse.

To ensure that all of the thyroid tissue has been removed, doctors must perform a follow-up procedure called radioactive iodine remnant ablation (RRA). RRA treatment comes in the form of a pill or liquid, and is critical in managing thyroid cancer.

The problem with RRA is the remaining thyroid gland tissue must be stimulated to absorb the radioactive iodine that will ultimately destroy it. Endocrinologists can employ one of two methods to stimulate the remaining tissue - withholding hormone replacement therapy or Thyrogen injections.

The first method, withholding thyroid hormone replacement, causes hormone levels to drop, temporarily disrupting the hormone balance in your body.

This is where Thyrogen injections come in. Thyrogen is the only option that allows you to remain on your thyroid hormone replacement therapy when preparing for ablation treatment.

Thyrogen injections allow you to begin receiving hormone replacement therapy immediately following thyroid cancer surgery, and it helps you avoid the side effects of hypothyroidism.

The Injection Procedure

Each patient's Thyrogen injection procedure may be customized by their doctor to fit their specific needs. Most injections are done in two sessions. The first injection is generally given two days before the RRA treatment is scheduled, and the second injection on the day before ablation.

Receiving Thyrogen Injections at Accent

Experienced endocrinology physicians at our Gainesville clinic help thyroid cancer patients by offering Thyrogen injections to prevent the side effects of hypothyroidism when preparing for ablation.

If you have any questions, or feel that Thyrogen may be your solution to long-term management of thyroid cancer, please contact the Thyroid Center at Gainesville's Accent Endocrinology today to schedule an appointment .

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