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Sinus issues and symptoms like a runny nose or itchy eyes may be caused by temporary ailments like the common cold. However, symptoms like these and many others may be a sign of more permanent allergy conditions requiring hands-on treatment.

Over 50 million kids and adults in the U.S. suffer from allergies or some type of sinus disorder – these conditions are also the 5th leading cause of disease.

Many clinics that diagnose and treat allergic rhinitis and other conditions conduct any number of tests – Accent ENT on the other hand will forego tests if your condition is common and not too severe. Many of our patients with chronic sinus problems are able to manage their conditions with the help of Doctor Brian Kerr, MD without having to undergo surgery.

In many cases, allergy shots or sublingual immunotherapy are all a patient needs in order to mitigate the effects of their allergy and sinus condition.

Accent ear physicians though do provide testing and surgical treatment for more severe cases of allergic rhinitis, chronic sinus problems and nasal polyps

With advanced training and years of experience, Dr. Kerr provides patients from Gainesville and surrounding areas accurate diagnosis and treatment for conditions of the nose, which include:


If another physician recommends surgery, be sure to get a second opinion before going forward

Remember, not all treatments require surgery. Don’t accept one doctor’s recommendation – be sure you obtain a second opinion before undergoing any procedures.

Even if your sinus condition requires surgery, Dr. Kerr possesses extensive experience in numerous minimally invasive procedures, including:


Minimally invasive procedures are not only more cost effective and less risky, they’re typically outpatient procedures, which saves on both time and costs.

And not only do specialists at Accent ENT help address medical conditions of the nose, the Accent family of physicians can also help address cosmetic issues of the nose as well.

Whether you’re looking for basic treatment like prick testing or allergy shots, or have severe sinusitis that may require surgery, we invite you contact Gainesville nose specialists at Accent ENT today to schedule an appointment.

We also invite you to browse around to learn more about some of the more common conditions and treatments of the nose. If you have any questions, or would like to schedule an appointment for your individual situation, please contact us today.


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