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Accent Physician Specialists Aesthetic Services

Specialists at Accent Plastics possess decades of experience helping men & women enhance their beauty and regain their youth. Continue browsing below for more information on treatments available through our clinic

Aesthetic Services

Florida Plastic Surgery

Accent Physician Specialists Hearing
  • Hearing aids sales & service
  • Evaluations, orientations, checks
  • Diagnositc services
  • Audiometric evaluation
  • Advanced speech-In-noise testing
  • Tympanometry
Accent Physician Specialists ENT
  • Allergy and sinus
  • Hearing and balance
  • Facial plastic & reconstructive surgery
  • General and pediatric ENT

Accent Physician Specialists – Attending to your Unique Health Needs

Doctors, nurses and staff at Accent Physician Specialists provide residents of Gainesville and North Florida the most comprehensive healthcare services under one roof. Whether it’s a simple eye exam to check your vision or complex facial surgery to address the effects of injury or a birth defect, specialists at the clinic take the time to listen to you and provide treatment options suitable to your individual situation.

Accent Physician Specialists

Featured Procedure – Laser Hair Removal

Looking forward to the summer and hitting the beaches but have some unwanted, unsightly hair?

Laser hair removal from Accent Plastics can help you permanently rid yourself of any unwanted hair just in time for the summer swimsuit season.

Call (352) 372-9414 today to schedule an appointment and see how laser hair removal can help easily, and painlessly get rid of unwanted hair.

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CALL (352) 372-9414